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Legacy first encompasses the collection and waves of technologies used before the advent of digital information technology, with a long track record of evolution and utilization by society at scale. Most of the solutions discussed are document and paper-based with a few, such as credit cards, having some analog components.
The "+" part of the designation in "Legacy+" includes the latest incremental wave of improvements to the existing legacy technologies through the use of digital technology, such as with chipped credit cards and enhanced smart passports.
Given the wide adoption and stable usage of these technologies in everyday activities, we have a lot to learn about how these technologies have adapted to the needs of humans and have become increasingly useful. These learning can then be applied to the next generation of technologies being adopted including the Web 3.0 wave.

🌳 Contents

  • 💪 Use cases - Describe the way users and customers receive value through usage.
  • 🤕 Harm cases - Attack vectors or vulnerabilities, describing the set of scenarios that lead to significantly undesirable outcomes.
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