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The identity industry map, is a community maintained knowledge base (or map) of the identity industry, launched and maintained by Universal Identity, with the aim of improving conversations about identity, specifically in the decentralized digital identity space.
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This knowledge base is intended to cover the industry broadly and deeply, giving everyone a common set of reference points to make our conversations more specific and productive.

🌳 Contents

  • β€‹πŸ§ Meta - The collection of meta information needed to make sense of the map's structure, its individual parts, and high level concepts.
  • β€‹πŸ”¬ Analysis - A collection of topics from different perspectives that are results of deep analysis of modern identity solutions.
  • β€‹πŸ‘€ Personas - Definition of major personas used in various parts of the industry categorized by segments.
  • β€‹πŸŒ Ecosystems - Detailes of the greater identity ecosystem and its individual sub-ecosystems. This article is incomplete ... to be completed soon.
  • ​πŸ’ͺ Use cases - Describe the way users and customers receive value through usage.
  • β€‹πŸ€• Harm cases - Attack vectors or vulnerabilities, describing the set of scenarios that lead to significantly undesirable outcomes.

πŸ—Ί Map structure

The map covers topics from the levels in this diagram as described by the meta map below, as well as drill downs in each specific area.
Meta map and examples
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