🏁Ongoing efforts

This topic covers the major efforts going on in the identity industry, and tries to cleanly differentiate between their areas of focus including use cases, harm cases (vulnerability and attack vectors), world views, motivations, and underlying technology assumptions.

Web 3.0


The decentralized identity standards and ecosystem built on top of Decentralized Identifiers (DID) and related standards.

W3C standardization



Ethereum identity

Semaphore is an effort using Zero Knowledge (ZK) technology to enable fully anonymous identity interactions with the public blockchain in the context of community activity such as "private voting, whistle-blowing, mixers, and anonymous authentication". Here's Vitalik's recent proposal that offers to extend the concept into fully anonymous decentralized reputation.

Privacy by design

A general effort has been forming as a push back to big tech's recent privacy abuses, primarily lead by nations other than the United States. Here are its foundational principles. Legally, it advocates for holding responsible tech companies that handle user personal data for mishandling and abuses. Technically, it advocates for engineering systems that default to high privacy, and minimize the chances of persona data exposure outside of the user's expressed permissions.

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